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Self-care is an essential part of ones life. Of times we may think of self-care as indulging in an enjoyable activity, while others may find it as being in a quite space. What ever your time for self-care is, the goal is to feel refreshed and energized, not coming out feeling tired, drained, or numb.

Ask yourself, does your time of self-care leave you feeling refreshed and energized? Of does it leave you feeling tired, drained and in need of rest? If it’s the latter, take sometime for yourself, shut off from the world. Use this time to reflect, meditate, pray, journal, and visualize, do those things that you enjoy to re-energize.

Taking care of yourself puts you in a better position to take care of others. Be it your loved ones, friends, neighbor, co-worker, or a stranger on the street.

If you have done so, make self-care a priority in your life.

Challenge: This week, practice taking some quite time for yourself to re-energize and refuel.

Be blessed in health

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